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I am trying to decide between Everett and Skagit. Just thought I would ask here and see if anyone was actually in one of the programs and had thoughts about them. I am located right between... Read More

  1. by   L&DForMe
    I was just accepted to Skagit for Spring quarter (March).
    I've been a CNA for almost 9 years, and I believe that requiring prospective nursing students to obtain their CNA is a GOOD thing, and will weed out those people not serious about nursing. I think we'll see a big cut in the wait time for the programs now.

    I was put on the waitlist at Skagit in Oct 2007. So I was on the waitlist for 14 months.

    I recently heard that Skagit is changing their program admittance to that of Everett CC's. I guess because the Nursing Director from Everett went to Skagit. I dont know how true that is, but its from someone that I trust. I havent looked into it all because Im just happy to be accepted!
  2. by   Miss_Piggy.RN

    And yes, that is true, they are going to change admission process.
    I am in the middle of my prerequisites, but as far as I know, I will get on the waitlist; however if my GPA won't drop I will apply to Whatcom College.
  3. by   our8kids
    I went to a seminar two weeks ago and the new head of the nursing program was speaking. He used to be with EvCC and has now moved to Skagit, so the program changes will be similar to Everett. He said the wait list is now closed and will not continue. They aren't sure what they're doing with the people on the list, as of yet, but will have a decision by the end of Winter quarter and will let everyone know what it is. There were some VERY unhappy people at this meeting! One woman is in her LAST QUARTER of pre-reqs and only had a 2.8 or something like that. IF the academic entry goes similar to Everett's, the chances of her getting in are slim. He said the best thing they are telling people is to do your very very best the first time around on your pre-reqs and not need to retake them because it doesn't look good. They're looking for people who can "get it" the first time and not need to repeat. They are basing the changes on the fact that their failure/drop-out rate at their current program is so stinking high. I guess only requiring a 2.0 and a first come, first served program is not enabling the people whose best is a 2.0 to complete the program. Once people fail out (usually the first quarter I guess) they're too far into the program to fill the spot, so all those empty seats (I guess 17 just this quarter) are empty until the class graduates. The college is losing out on TONS of money this way, both in tuition and in state/federal funding. I feel bad for the people who havent' gotten good grades because their sure-in is no longer there. Happily my grades are so far so good, but I have 3 quarters left so there is time to mess up, that's for sure! Hope that helps! Susan
  4. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    I understand why some of them are very unhappy. I had some prereq classmates that didn't care about grades; they just wanted to pass.
    Are they going to changes some prereq? Everett is slightly different and I am wondering if the admission requirement are going to be the same. Also, can we apply with ENGL, MATH and AP only or do we have to finish all prereq before applying?

  5. by   L&DForMe
    I think the people that are upset are those that were so close to getting into the program this time around and didnt make it. Now they'll have to wait till Fall quarter to be accepted. And by that time the acceptance conditions will be changed and it'll knock them back down the list again.
    I'm not the best student, but I'm not the worst either. I know I'd be pretty pi$$ed and disappointed in myself to get this far and then have to start over again. Many people are going to end up retaking some classes to pull up their GPA and get themselves back into position again.
    I am VERY thankful that I made it in for Spring quarter. If I hadnt, I probably would be stuck on the list forever and I would have just given up.
    My heart goes out to those that are thinking that same way.

    ETA: Im not sure if the amount of pre-reqs completed will change. I havent heard anything about that. I know their teaching styles are going to change though. They are totally revamping the way information is presented. Two co-workers are in the program right now and are struggling somewhat with the beginning of the change. For the first couple of quarters they were conditioned to learn a certain way and now that they have that down, it's being changed and they are just told to adjust to it.
    I've never met this director from EvCC, but I have strong feelings about EvCC and REFUSED to give them even $1 of my money to attend their school. And I used to work closely with many of the clinical instructors. I live minutes from EvCC, but will spend all the money in gas and time in travelling up to Skagit. It'll be sad if many of the same things happen to Skagit, that happen within EvCC. I love Skagit. Out of the handful of colleges I have attended (in different states), Skagit is the most friendly, and the instructors actually care about their students succeeding.
    I totally understand that current situations may be causing them to lose money and/or funding, but there has to be some balance there. And they are going to frighten off a lot of people if they make all these changes very quickly!
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  6. by   ardentanglophile
    It looks like I will be commuting in the Fall to Skagit Valley. I realize it's not ideal but I can't seem to get into the other colleges around here and I have heard so many good things about Skagit Valley. I am transferring into Nurs 162 and wondered if anyone can give me feedback about clinical skills they expect you to master in the 2nd quarter and what expectations are like during clinicals. I had two quarters of nursing school down in Seattle and it was so useless I just want to measure! I am making a long distance effort to complete this goal. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. by   L&DForMe
    I went to the intake meeting on Tuesday.
    They told us that 161 is more of like a CNA course....teaching and/or perfecting our bedside skills. Then 162 we act more as a nurse. We are given 1 patient to do total care for. That's also the quarter that we will learn to insert foleys, NG tubes, IV's, etc...
    From there on, each quarter just gets more demanding with adding 1 more patient into your load for each quarter you're in. Then your focus is on time management and delegation.
  8. by   LeeAnna328
    how did you do your 200 hour preceptorship?
  9. by   j450n
    Has anyone heard of the updated admission requirements? I have been checking the website frequently, but I keep getting a page that says updated information will be available at the end of February (which there hasn't been any updates).

  10. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    There is no updates and students that are taking prerequisites in SVC have no idea what is gong on...:icon_roll
  11. by   our8kids
    That's for sure.. no idea. It's frustrating that they keep saying changes are coming, but no information is available. I guess keep plugging along doing the best you can in your pre-req's.