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Washington DC

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Anyone do a travel assignment at a DC hospital? I'll be starting end of Janurary at George Washington University Hospital. My company will be furnishing housing outside DC in Virginia or Maryland and I will use public transport. Would love to read of others' experiences.



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I worked in DC for three months in the early 90's made good money working nights and they had some sort of extra OT pay. Drove back and forth from Alexandria oposite the traffic most of the time. One of the only places where I have ever been cold. Apartments had " heat pumps" and the heat coils were not used to the unusually cold winter. Spent most of the assignment in an apartment that struggled to get above 50 degrees. Hopefully that is no longer the case.


Specializes in L&D, OR, travel.

Heat pumps! :crying2: sheesh, I hope not. I was hoping to get away from the cold, too, but I've been through with last assignment for nearly a month, so decided to open up another possibility. Thanks for posting!


I want to head to DC, too- I have been asking my recruiter to keep her eyes open for anything in the DC area for feb. My current assignment is over end of Jan. Youll have to let me know how you like it! My buddy loved it there and he said GW hospital was great.


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