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Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone here is starting the intern program at George Washington University Hospital in July. I recently interviewed with them and am waiting to hear back! They... Read More

  1. by   a1b2c3d4
    Congrats! Does anybody know any information about the benefits, salary, etc for a new grad?
  2. by   msrn1012
    So i called the HR and i think i didn't get the job. What the HR said is that they are waiting to hear from new grads if they passed the NCLEX and she asked me to call back in a week. So i guess some the new grads they selected haven't taken the NCLEX yet.
  3. by   jennyp516
    I talked to them too. What I was told was there are two groups. We seem to be in the second group. The first group has been extended all the offers (18 people out of 75 interviewed). I asked if that was just for the unit I interviewed on and she said yes, but I find that hard to believe... I think it may be for the whole internship program? So she said if any of them fail the NCLEX they will extend offers to the second group. The recruiter I've been working with will be there today, Tuesday, and Friday. Needless to say, I'm applying to other places lol. I just wish they didn't drag us along for so long.
  4. by   msrn1012
    Yea, it might be for the whole internship prog. oh well. i'm not keeping my hopes up, been applying everywhere i just hope i get a job offer anywhere! Btw, may i ask what other hospitals u applied at?
  5. by   jennyp516
    INOVA Fairfax, Virginia Hospital Center, Holy Cross Hospital. I turned down an offer from Washington Hospital Center, but I am thinking about seeing if it is still available.

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