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Hello, my name is Megan and I'm applying for Washburn School of Nursing. I have a 2.77 GPA and my advisor who is in charge of the BSN says I have nothing to worry about. But I just can't stop worrying about getting in. I have looked everywhere for anything that will give an acceptance rate. If anyone can give me your input that would be much appreciated

Thank you.

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The requirements for the MIN gpa is 2.7 so you have a chance of getting in. However, if you didn't pass your science classes such as a&p with a 3.5 or higher I would be a little concerned as nursing is all about science. I get it life happens, but nursing is going to be much harder than any of the prerequisites. So if you get in good for you! Be prepared to study non stop.

Don't be the student with a low gpa and end up failing nursing school. Good luck

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