Was a nursing major...Now I'm thinking I want to be one again.


Just looking for some advice...I was a nursing major and completed A&P 1&2 with A's in both classes, took Nutrition - got an A, and took general Psych/Developmental and got A's plus other gen eds with A's and B's. I took a CNA class over the summer and I had a bad experience with an instructor and the clinical site I was at and it scared me off. But I think I quit too soon...I was getting A's on my tests in my CNA class but dropped because I thought I was totally done with nursing. But now that I'm thinking more about it...I still want to be a nurse. I let one experience get the best of me. I'm 2 years into my college education (I'm 20). After not wanting to be a nurse I thought I'd look into speech-pathology but there is so much schooling for it even after you get your bachelors just so you can get certified...Would it be a good idea for me to look back into nursing and go shadow a few times? I feel like I can't base my opinion on one experience at one facility. I feel like I have a passion for wanting to help people, I'm very interested in the medical field, and I'm a hard worker. Any one have some advice? Thanks in advanced :)

- Maddie


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I say try again. I think all of us at one point will have (or have had) an experience that makes us think all is lost. I think that's a good thing, actually. I'm sorry you dropped your CNA program but at least you have had the opportunity to think about what you really want to do and decide if nursing is right for you or not. Go for it!