Wanting to quit my NICU job!!


Hi Everyone, 

I am a new grad nurse and I started in the NICU last August. It's been 5 months in this Unit and they have been miserable. I love babies however as a new grad I don't feel like I am learning anything. Every shift consists of cares and bottle feeds. I am never passing any meds because day shift does that and parents are never in to visit their babies so I am not even doing teaching part of it. Every shift is the same. It's repetitive.  I am extremely unhappy and I wished that I had waited and applied to other units before accepting this position. Another down side of it is that I am working night shift and that has been impacting my mental health heavily. To get a day shift there is a year long waitlist. My fear is that if I quit my current job I won't be able to another job because of this. I honestly dread going into work. I am not happy at all. I literally go in to complete my shift and leave. And because of this I want to quit and take a break until I figure out where I truly want to work. 




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I'm sorry for what you're going through right now. I think the best option at this time would be to start looking for a different job so you can have the lined up before you quit. Do extensive research about the unit you apply for so you don't regret if you leave this one and end up in another unfullfilling job. Also, keep in mind that most places that hire for night shift typically have a waitlist that are years(not even just a year). Another option might be to ask your current employer if a transfer to a different unit would be possible? If you feel like taking a break is the best way, then do so. Hopefully, you've saved enough just incase. I hope you find exactly what works for you, wish you the best!

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Did they start you on feeders and growers? Are you ready to move on to more difficult tasks? Perhaps that's why you're feeling the way you do? If so, you need to speak up.?Also, night shift can be such a killer. One year is literally a VERY short amount of time to get to days! I worked for five years in one position and didn't get there. 

if you want to learn and you're doing well, ask to move to the next level. I don't know why you don't give meds., babies are born at all times of the day and night and when I helped out in the NICU, there were plenty of opportunities to do so. It seems odd. Parents were visiting day and night and there were plenty of opportunities to educate. I would stick it out if you can improve your situation.