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Hi guys!

I recently applied at a new grad OR residency program. Unfortunately, I didn't pass. I've been searching around for other GN programs for the OR but I'm still waiting for a response. Do you have any suggestions that would improve my chances (certifications, etc.)? or should I get some experience in the floor first? Any suggestion would be of great help! thanks guys!


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I would suggest a post surgical floor first. You will learn a great deal about the different surgeries and have time to develop prioritizing and assessment skills.

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Certification for the OR (CNOR) requires 2 years of experience, so that can't help you. You could go to the floor. Unfortunately, the OR is very specialized and you would still require the full, intense orientation. One benefit of taking a position outside the OR is the opportunity to apply for "internal applicants only" jobs. This would establish a history with an employer. Also, there are places who are willing to hire and train a new grad, but do not have a specified "new grad program"; you could try applying to OR jobs that are not in a program.

Were you hired into the residency program and didn't pass orientation? Sorry, I just wanted to clarify bc I want to know why you didn't pass. I'm interviewing for a OR program and thought u might be able to offer some words of wisdom or encouragement


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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I am now trying to apply for positions in the surgical floor and get some experience first. hopefully I will be able to be an OR nurse someday. Thanks guys!

I wasn't hired into the residency program. The interview consisted of more on behavioral questions and experiences during my nursing school. goodluck on your interview!


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Good luck with the position on the surgical floor. I found it to be very benificial. I'm now in the OR and work the surgeons from that floor. It was a nice transition knowing them and the surgeries involved. Good luck. I would try to find a hospital that offers the Peri-Op 101 course and a good Intern Program.