Wanting to move from Urgent Care NP role


I'm currently working at at Urgent Care as a Nurse Practitioner and have been for the past 2 years. I am experiencing provider burnout and am beginning to really not enjoy the Urgent Care field - long hours, upset patients, etc.....along with COVID. Recently moved to a new area and have been job searching, but the only jobs I receive feedback from are urgent cares. I have been applying to other NP jobs like Derm, Endo, but can't seem to even get an interview or even a glance at my resume because I have don't experience in that field. Does anyone have suggestions? Is there something specific that I should be including on my cover letter to absolutely grab the reader's attention?

Thanks in advance!

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Are you an FNP?

In many parts of the country the FNP market is super oversaturated. It has lead to falling wages, lack of job availability and a lot of FNPs having difficulty finding a good situation in which to work. 

You may wish to look further outside of the city into an area that is more in need. You may need to consider a postgraduate certificate in a specialty that is in demand. You may just need to be patient and keep reaching out over and over again and hope for a bite.