Want To Pursue a Career in CRNA w/ a bio degree-low gpa..HELP!

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As of May 2010, I will have a B.S. in biology. I had a different career path when I first started in the major but just recently I figured out that I wanted to pursue a career in CRNA. I was told that I would need a BSN in order to get started on that path. My school didn't have a nursing program. I read about second degree BSN and accelerated degree BSN. What do I need to do in order to get a BSN and is there any hope for my low gpa (2.7)?


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Hmmmm....I would tell you that you should apply to both ABSN, generic, and ADN programs. The chances of you getting into a program depends on where you live and how competitive your areas schools are. If you have taken API and APII and have gotten anything less than a C I would advise you to do it over in order to make yourself more competitive. Research what programs who need and what CRNA programs you might be interested in. I do know that most CRNA programs require the applicant to have at least 2yrs experience in a critical care area and to also have a physics or some other science done. I would advise you to contact a school and look and see if you will be able to gain entrance once you improve your GPA. Make your goal right now to just get into a program. I also have a goal to end up being a NNP (neonatal NP)however I am just limiting my goals for now.Right now my goal is to do well in Gen Chem II and then get into a nursing program....if all goes well I should be starting clinicals in Fall 2010. I too had a low GPA. I raised it up to 3.0 and am presently at my last semester of prereqs and hopefully will be a 2012 BSN grad.

If becoming a RN and then eventually a CRNA is your dream then you might have to be willing to spend more time in school to raise your GPA. However, if it is possible for you to get in a program with your present GPA then go for it. The thing is most schools base entrance on the science GPA and an entrance exam.

My advice to you is to contact the admissions dept. of the schools that you are interested in.

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