Want to be an RN at Grady, is Atlanta Technical College a good place to go to school?


Hi, I was hoping you guys could help me. I want to be an RN (no current training) at Grady and have applied to Atlanta Technical College. Is that a good place to go to school in Atlanta?

If not, and if I know I want to start out at Grady, where would you recommend that I go to school?

Thank you so much!

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Get your BSN, it will greatly improve your chances.


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Ok, I know that's good advice, but first thing is first, I have to get my RN first. I am asking if Atlanta Technical College is a good place to get that education and training. Thanks


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Atlanta Technical College is a community college they only offer an Associates in Nursing. Since hospitals are requiring more nurses to have BSN , hence annaliz04's comment. You become an RN through either routes. I applied to ATC but decided to go the BSN route since I already have a Bachelors degree in another area.


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I know more than a handful of nurses that have been hired at Grady with only ASN's (not from Atlanta Tech). The bottom line is will the program prepare you to successfully pass the NCLEX. Grady has a very generous tuition reimbursement program for RN-BSN completion programs.

I would suggest looking into the NCLEX pass rate of programs. The pass rates can be viewed at http://sos.ga.gov/PLB/acrobat/Forms/38%20Reference%20-%20Nursing%20Education%20Program%20Results%20(NCLEX).pdf

I would call Atlanta Tech and ask if they have clinical rotations at Grady. This would allow you to network and to also see if Grady might be a good fit for you.


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Please check to see if Atlanta Technical College has regained its accrediation, I attend the school for Health Information Technology and they lost accrediation in 2012/13.