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does anyone know what the best way is to get a nurse tech/student nurse assistant position in the Detroit area? I have tried applying online, contacting recruiters; nothing is working. Any suggestions?


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The time for that is somewhat passed.....the best time to look is in mid-March.

Try again after school starts....many students nurses that hold those positions sometimes quit them so they can wholly focus on school again.

What are they nurse recruiters telling you?

The nurse recruiters are ignoring me. I have been calling but no one ever seems to be at their desk when I call. I leave messages but nobody calls back. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try when school starts again. The problem is that I'm in the accelerated program and I graduate in December so I wanted a little more experience. I'll take what I can get though:)


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They have a position open at Bon Secour for a Nurse-Tech.....


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Apply directly with the dialysis company in your area or fill out an application online. I know that DaVita prefers to hire fresh techs with little or no training. Their rationalle is that they don't have to worry about hearing "that's not how I did it at...."


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Most hospitals are accepting applications now for the December training sessions. DMC and St. John are definitely hiring. I got three calls from the DMC last week. I currently work at St. John as a Nurse Tech. I will keep that job and work at the DMC as well (I couldn't pass up the chance to work on a Nephrology/ Transplant unit). They are both contingent positions. You have to agree to work 16 hours per month and you set the schedule not them. If you have time to work more let them know and they will schedule you. Even if you don't say you can work, the staffing office will call you when they're short, but its not mandatory. Do you have your resume and references? If not get them together.

St. John starts at 16.40/hr plus 8%midnights and 5% weekends

DMC starts at 15.80/hr- less pay but the hands on is awesome, much more than St. John

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