Want to be a nurse, questions about online progression

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Hi everyone!

I may post this on a few forums since I wasn't all that sure where to start. I have a complicated situation and wanted to see if you all had any ideas or answers.

First of all, I had thought about postponing starting school until my youngest child starts school in a few years (but hate to wait that long because I'm so anxious to go back to school) but maybe do some pre-reqs online. Well, we just moved back to the States last year after my husband's job took us overseas for a few years and there is the possibility we may go back overseas maybe even next year some time and it doesn't look like there is a nursing school where we'd be going.

So...my hubby had an LPN yesterday tell him that if I had a year to 18 months here one of the tech colleges in our area offered an LPN program at nights and weekends (don't want to finance child care for one thing and want to be home in the day w/ my kids anyway). She said I could do that and start to work but since I'd be licensed as an LPN and getting some working experience, there are colleges online that allow you to take more nursing classes to get your Associate Degree and take the NCLEX to become an RN that way, and of course go from there which I would move ahead for a BSN and maybe grad school when we come back to the States again down the road. Apparently a lot of the LPN classes are the same pre-reqs and some of the nursing courses as the RN track I was looking in to at my local community college.

BUT FOR NOW, what are my options? Can anyone help me? Is it true that I could do the LPN program and work and continue education online (from anywhere) after that? That is my main question. If this is a possibility then we may stay here long enough for me to get it done if possible before moving back overseas. I could easily work and do coursework online and take the NCLEX when I come home for the summers or whenever we move back.

Any feedback is appreciated. I just hate to wait indefinitely to even be able to get started with any of this! I know LPN's pay is lower than an RN's; I'm not worried about the pay right now, just getting the education and experience. :) THANKS!!!!!!



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As a military wife - I feel your pain! I lived overseas for 8 years and during that time, I got an AA in general studies and did as many as my pre-reqs that I could do. The problem with doing nursing school overseas is that:

1. Its not always recognized as equal to a US program (except for Guam, Hawaii, places that are truly the US).

2. Its not always possible for non-citizens to attend school overseas.

I would suggest you contact the program you are interested in where you live and find out what you need to do. Good luck...maybe someone else has had other experiences.

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I know there are RN programs online, but I'm not how sure they are TOTALLY online (and don't require some in person clinical time somewhere). It's definately something interesting to look into. Did you try posting this question in the online/distance learning forum (under nursing students)?

Hope someone chimes in with some helpful information for you soon!

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