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want new recruiter, same company

Specializes in med/surg, rural, ER. Has 6 years experience.

I need a different recruiter in my company. Anyone know how to go about getting one? Do I tell my current recruiter? Do I call the company? I am almost done with my current assignment and want to secure another, but am unhappy with my recruiter. I don't want to make her mad or hurt her by switching, but need to switch regardless. How do I do this in the best way?

I am working with OnAssignment (and very happy) if anyone wants to PM me with names of good recruiters. My current one is very abrupt and doesn't seem to care much. For example I called with a question 1 week into my assignment and she answered the question and said good-bye, no "how's your new assignment going?" or "how are you doing?" She also didn't ask for my preferences (floating, hours per week, days off/together, etc) prior to writing a contract. I feel like she doesn't really like her job and helping me is a chore just to be checked off her to-do list. I want a recruiter who cares about my preferences and how I am doing.

Thanks in advance!

This can be as sticky a situation as breaking up with a boy/girlfriend. I would get the name of her supervisor. She isn't doing anyone any favors by staying at a job she hates or is lousy at. You can confront her but I doubt she will do anything to change or help you. She might actually stall your next contract, I've seen it happen. I would call the general number and get the sup's name from there. Other than that find a recruiter that you would want to work with and contact them personally. It's kind of sneaky but sometimes you have to look out for yourself with these companies. Remember they're making money off of you. The way my company works is that the only way you can switch recruiters is if you have had no contact with yours in 15 or 30 days. But I think if you fuss enough you can get it done. The relationship between nurse and their recruiter is crucial, they're pretty much the only link to the company. I was lucky in that even through the worst of it my recruiter let me vent and always worked with me as much as he could. I could not deal with someone who was aburpt with me and never bothered to ask me how the assignment was going. Good Luck!

I had to switch recuiters at On Assignment because my 1st one was a jerk. If your recuiter is out of the ohio office, ask to speak with a woman named Mandy. I told her either they get me a new recuiter or I quit. My friend Mindy had to do they same thing too. If your recuiter is at the San Diego or Mississippi office I am not sure who you contact there

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