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Hey I am a nurse with 2 years exp med/PCU exp. I currently live in central PA working in a smaller hospital making around $26 an hour. I want to move south for 2 reasons, I am skinny and don't do well with winter, and also I love to golf and can't do that for 3 months out of the year. Searched the internet but this is such a broad question to ask without any help to get started. Want to move to at least Virginia or lower but not so far that I can't visit family in PA. I don't mind winter I just can't stand January where it is 0 degrees out for 30 days straight and my pipes freeze. I can golf in 30 degree temps. Want a hospital that offeres a CVICU because I believe that is what I want to do, and also a hospital that pays close to what I get now. I really can't afford a pay cut as the only bread winner for a family of 4 besides my wife who works 1-2 times a week for some spending money. So if anyone can help me out, don't really know anything about Virginia, maybe Richmond? or North Carolina? Something close to the beach/ within 1 hour would also be nice.




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mitch look up the raleigh durham area, also check out virginia beach va:redpinkhe


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Also, don't look at a "pay cut" in terms of concrete numbers...look at pay vs. cost of living index. Because could you afford a $2/hr paycut if your rent/mortgage was $1000 less a month? Or does a $6 pay raise actually sound that good when the average home price more than doubles in an area?


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Any specifics in either area Durham or Virginia Hospital, heard from a friend Duke hospital is great place to work but pay is not good at all. Any specific hospitals that you know pay well in either specific area, both sound great to me.


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