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I used to be a LPN, then went to ADN, now I have a BSN and almost enough credits for a NP degree. I'm sitting here at my computer with my stethoscope around my neck. A couple of years ago I worked for a couple of months on the med surg floor of a rural hospital and loved it, but for reasons beyond my control at that time I could not keep the job. I'm getting old now (36) and have been working as a wound care nurse at a nursing home. It pays the bills and isn't a bad job but I would rather be busy doing more patient care. Would it be wise to get a med surg certification or is that only for experienced med surg nurses? I want to re-apply at this hospital but I'm afraid of rejection (I wrote a letter to the nurse manager a few months after I had to leave begging to come back but I never heard from her.)

Even when I become a NP, I still would like to be able to work some med surg shifts, I love it so much.

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Go for it. It will look good on a resume.

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I don't think you can sit for a med-surg certification exam (like the ANCC - if that is what you mean) without having worked so many hours on a medical-surgical floor over the past year or two. I would focus instead on obtaining other certifications that would assist you on a med-surg floor (ACLS for example). Happy to see someone who enjoys med-surg :)


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You have to work a minimum of two years to become certified