Want to know some tv shows about nurses


Hello eveybody,now i am on my winter vacation. I want to watch movies or tv shows about nurse.If u know please tell me.Thank you a lot:D


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SCRUBS! haha

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Actually ... there are almost NO shows that are actually "about" nursing or nurses except for a few documentary shows. With only a very few exceptions, most shows that have nurses in them as characters are actually "about" the doctors or some other characters. The nurses are there as supporting characters and the stories are told from the perspective of the main characters, not the nurse characters.

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Scrubs is a pretty funny show. At least one of the main characters in a nurse :D

As for other shows, I enjoy watching House and pretty much anything on the Discovery Health channel.


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There is a place where you can watch reality type nurse stuff. It is nursetv.com, it's a pretty cool site!


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OH you could watch NURSETV on youtube! its kind of like a realworld type show, but its all travel nurses and they all live in a house together. The episodes are short, but I really enjoyed watching it


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When does Nurse Jackie on Showtime debut? I haven't heard much about it...

The ultimate nurse movie or nurse character would be 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest', no? LOL

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