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want to join MSF, what's the best way?


I' currently working as a peds nurse on a general peds ward where we see all sorts of cases from ortho, surg, meds, to oncology and minor trauma, and in two months i'll have worked for 1 year.

My short term goal is to work for MSF and go to syria or afghanistan, on the website it says MSF requires all applicants to have at least 2 years of post-grad experience. I'm hoping to join them as soon as i've developed all the skills and experience necessary.

My question is, does it worth going to a children hospital next year to specialize in a certain area? (surg? med? respiratory? picu? nicu?), or would it be better to go rural and work in a very community setting where you got much more autonomy?

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So I will admit that I do not have a clue as to your actual question, but from looking at their website myself, I am seeing an extensive list of requirements, one being that nurses have THREE years of relevant experience, including one year of management type experience. Just wondering if you had seen all the extra requirements?

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hi thx for the reply. I've read the requirements extensively. work exp, from one of the most needed specialties, language, availability....

The minimum exp required is 2 years, not 3, maybe it's a bit different it in australia...

They also did not specifically mentioned what the min management exp would be but i'm wondering, does mentoring nursing students and other new grads counted as part of it?