Want to get CNA training this summer in NC but work in Ohio? Help!


Hello everybody I could really use some help. I am currently a college freshman, a nursing major. I want to get experience and work in a nursing home. In order to do so I would like to get my CNA certification. I will be in NC this summer and would like to do the training there, but I will be going to school and hopefully working in a nursing home in ohio. Would it be possible to transfer my training from NC to Ohio? Or am I going to have to wait til I get to ohio to do the training? Also what is the best way to get my CNA training? Any advice would be wonderful! Thank you so much!


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It will probably cost you more money if you train in NC and then challenge the exam in OH. You might be better off just waiting and doing your training in OH if that is where you want to work.

Your best bet would be to contact community colleges or vocational schools in the area and find out if they offer CNA programs. There are private colleges that offer them as well, but they are typically MUCH more expensive.


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Okay thank you!!- is the examination typically included as a part of a training program? Or is that a separate thing/cost?