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Hi I am Angela...and I want to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse...I live in Tampa and I and married with 2 children, 8 & 3, I have been thru so much just to even get started...I went to HCC and that failed me b/c my husband was in a serious car accident and I had to drop out and now my financial aid is totally shot. I started the CNA program thru Leary and had to leave b/c i quit my jb to go during the day and them my bills got behind b/c the teacher wanted to stretch the class out longer than the 4 weeks we signed up for. I tried to go back to HCC but they I owe them money, and if I pay the money back I have to pay for my own classes for my first semester and pass, then I can MAYBE appeal for financial aid..How do you get a scholarship if you dont have any grades??...What types of scholarships can I qualify for...I am not sure I want to continue to go to HCC, I have heard of the long waits for their Nursing program...I was thinking of challenging the state for my CNA b/c I did extremely well for the time that I was there, plus I still have all of my books and stuff...But I want to continue and go further...My job now is SO boring...I NEED A CAREER...Please give me suggestions on scholarships and.or other Tampa nursing schools and what about me taking the CNA test w/o me finishing the course..thank you so much for ur attention....


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File an appeal with the financial aid office. In extenuating circumstances (such as yours!), they will repeal your financial aid suspension and take care of any money you might owe. It takes about 3 months to get a response (at least at my school) but it is worth it. Good luck!


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HCC has no waiting list, they accept people by GPA. I know because I just got in there. Other colleges with Nursing program in our area would be SPC (with waiting list that 2,5 years long), and PHCC (they have waiting list, but I'm not sure how long).

Good luck to you!

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