Want to become a home health nurse



I am very interested in becoming a home health nurse. I have been a nurse for 1 year but have no hospital experience, I have been working in a doctors office. I do not know where to start, even if any agency will take me without any type of hospital experience. Any advice??


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You should get some clinical experience first, preferably in a hospital. Gone are the days when hh agencies hired anyone with a clear license. Most want you to have six months or a year experience. But you could apply and see what happens. You might find one of those agencies that will take a chance with you. Then your objective will be to get a strong orientation and training to do the job. You might want to start with an extended care case. You will have only one nurses note to complete for paperwork and will have less stress taking care of the same patient for a shift, instead of driving all over the country and having paperwork to do for two or three hours at home. Good luck getting that first hh job.