Want to be accepted in Chamberlain in Phoenix AZ

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Hi everyone,I am applying to Chamberlain for this upcoming spring( Feb 28)BSN program. If anyone doesn't mind telling me because i am such a nervous wreck what there GPA was and HESi score. I have GPA: 3.8 and have taken my HESI a2 test 2 days ago with 81% score!! With the 81% do you think i would have to score higher on the HESI exam??? :confused:


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It looks like your GPA is more important than your Hesi A2 @ Chamberlain. The admission requirements are 75% on the A2.

I can tell you that 81% isn't "bad" on the Hesi, in my class @ Gateway, the class average on the Hesi A2 was 81%.


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I applied for early admission with Chamberlain for Spring 2011 in October of 2010 and was accepted!

My GPA wasn't the greatest--combined GPA between a previous Bachelor degree where I didn't do the greatest + my GPA at a community college where I took microbio/anatomy/physio and some other GE classes to transfer to have a CGPA of ~2.8. I got a score of 97.3% on my HESI A2 (100% in math and 94.6% in English--studied my butt off for about 3-4 weeks, but also studying for TEAS for other schools, so I was well-prepared).

I think there are several factors involved: GPA + HESI A2 + amount of spaces available + any additional things to consider for the application (I also had my old SAT scores sent in to "boost" my file). The admission committee meets once a month of each month (from what I've been told, the last meeting being January 17th) to review applications. Since I took my test near the end of October, I was notified by mid-November of my acceptance.

I don't think 81% is bad at all, plus you have a very strong GPA. I would ask your Admissions Advisor what their opinion based on your scores & GPA. You may be able to squeeze in another test to bump up your score (if need be) before their last acceptance meeting. Positive vibes going your way!


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Thx rzyzzy and terryucla so much. Great information. Today is 15th and I am still waiting. I am going to call them on monday morning for the result. I am so nervous.


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Hey m.h.a, did you ever find out if you got in for the feb start, i also applied for that start and am nervous as well!


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Hi.... I am starting in Feb....anyone find out yet?


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hey nicolettecvt, im still waiting, i just took my hesi this past monday, and then my advisor told me in a week or 2, i should know my status.. what was ur credentials like and when did u apply? im really nervous!


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My Hesi score was 90, I have 3.8 GPA from MCC. I applied in December I think.

I have completed my background and drug screen, now just waiting for orientation I guess.

Anyone from the East valley starting this Feb? I have a commute!

I am sure you will be fine...it took them forever to let me know about my early admission. I kinda bugged my advisor a bit.....

Good luck, let me know if you got the call !!!


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I think you should be fine I applied last summer for the october start and got accepted with a GPA of 3.5 and a HESI score of 89 %. But i decided to start this upcoming spring semester. But i think you shouldn't worry to much with a GPA and Hesi score like that. Hope to see all you guys this upcoming semester.