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Hi, though I would make a thread for peoples on alternate list or have gotten waitlisted for nursing school. Still hangin on to both phones. Waiting for that one important phone call. Hopefully, will be in nursing school in fall 2014 @ Forsyth tech. The wait is worse than waiting for a letter in the mail box, lol.

I am here with you waiting as patently as possible.. where will you be driving from, I am in Thomasville... I hope we both get in...

Yeah, I hope so too. I'm about 15 min away from ftcc. I live in Winston.this wait is killing me. I have had alot of emotions about this. From sad to mad,lol. Maybe we will hear something by Friday.

:notworthy:Was hoping to be in orientation Fri, but it doesn't look like it. Almost started crying today cause she hasn't called yet. I've also been in a very bad mood lately. Seems like I can't win for losing. :banghead:

She said that she wouldn't be calling anyone until after orientation on Friday 04/11/14... So we should be hearing something next week keep your head up...

Do u think we will hear something tomorrow. I sure hope so keep me posted.

I called this morning but her voice mail said that she would not be taking phone calls today or tomorrow because she is registering students :( If anyone hears anything please let me know...

I haven't heard anything. Walk in reg for summer is today and tmmrw. I don't know if its an all day thing or not. I'm going crazy sitting here waiting for a call. Getting my CPR wed night. Have u taken it? Is there a written test? At least we can keep each other in prayer for this program. :cat:

Do ya'll. Think we will hear something Wed. I hope we don't have to wait till May to hear something. I was looking at the schedule for classes. Its going to be hard. I'm going to have to work doubles on the weekends. That will take alot of study time away from me. I'm thinking of getting a sitting job. It will be hard but worth it.

You should hear something today, 1 person didnt show up so she will be calling you today she is on alternate number 4...

Haven't heard anything yet. Thanks for the info. I'll. Keep u posted.

I just called her she said she did not have a vacancy yet. I don't understand if one did not show up. Now I'm confused. This sucks

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