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I'm 41 years old mom of two children. I have been working on my prerequisites for the past couple of years and finally I appled for nursing in January 2015.

Yesterday, I received a news that I'm at the waitlist for nursing program at Norwalk Community College. My number is #6. I was wondering if anyone could help and give me an idea what's my chances of getting in and what's to expect.

While I'm not sure about how things work at that particular college, I know that I've seen a lot of people get into nursing school after being waitlisted. I even heard that a school by me had completely gone through their waitlisted applicants and were calling non-waitlisted applicants and offering them admission. #6 isn't that bad at all. Don't lose hope!

#6 isn't bad. A lot of people apply to multiple nursing schools so if they get accepted into more than one program they have to start turning schools down. Which opens up the wait list. Best of luck!

Thank you so much for your cheerful responses. I have to admit, the waiting is killing me! I just found out that I'm #6 out of 108!

Just wondering how long would I have to wait for ANY news front the school.

It is hard to guarantee anything, but I personally think your chances are pretty good. Many students apply simultaneously to several schools, and if they get into Uconn or WestConn or some private university, they prefer to go where they can get a BSN right away. When I was in school, I know several people who got accepted to NCC but then decided to go somewhere else, allowing people in the waiting list to get in. So sit tight and fingers crossed. And if you don't get it the first time, definitely apply again, or go to Naugatuck CC, if it's not too far from your house. Good luck!

Hi did you ever get in