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Waitlist at BTC??


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Anyone know how long it is right now? I am hearing different answers from so many people. One person said they called him 3 times while he was waiting to hear back from WCC.....another said 3 quarters and someone else just told me 2 years!!!??

Just curious if anyone on here knows, and if the rumors are true about Bellingham Tech changing from a wait list to selective process??


The wait list right now there is about 18-24 months. I just came from their info session

freesia29, LPN, RN

Specializes in Urgent Care. Has 8 years experience.

Wow...I know they will have a better idea of what it will be like at the end of January....as before this year, you used to get on the list once your started your pre-reqs....this year they changed that, but the people who were already on had until the end of this past quarter to get their pre-reqs done. I have heard from a few teachers that at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the old list students did NOT get all their pre-reqs, so that should change the list considerably.

I am hoping anyway!! As I should be done my pre-reqs by summer.

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