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Waiting for TEAS scores


I took my TEAS test this past Saturday and I feel like I did pretty well. I was told my score would be posted on the ATI website by this Wednesday. When I look on the website right now it doesn't show anything under the "proctored assessments" section. Am I supposed to see anything under that section while waiting for my score? Is it supposed to at least show that I took a proctored assessment, but that my score is pending?

After logging on to ATI's website. Look for the item 'My Results', in-between 'My products' and 'How to'.

Click GO on 'My Results' and it should be there.

If you only have 'My Products' link showing, it will not show the results following that link to the proctored tab.

You can try giving ATI a call using the information from their 'contact us' link.