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Waiting for program acceptance....


I am a BSN nurse who applied to go to graduate school. I was accepted into school, but am waiting acceptance into the program, MSN with emphasis in public health. I am getting anxious though. I last heard from the school almost a month ago telling me they needed to get my transcripts from my school I graduated with my BSN from. I had to fill out the form to release them and my counselor said she would get it to the transcript person - and that's the last I heard from my counselor.

I received an email saying I was accepted into school and that all of my transcripts would need to be reviewed before matriculation into the program.

Now... I wait. It has been almost one month since I sent the transcript release form in. How long do I wait until I email my counselor to see if anything further is needed on my part? I am nervous because I really like this program because it fits well into my full time work schedule and the practicum hours are extremely reasonable. So my anxiety is getting me....

Any ideas, help, words of encouragement?

Thank you!

HouTx specializes in Critical Care, Education.

Keep nagging (er, um - following up) until you're sure that they have received everything. Based on my own experience, things can easily slip between the cracks. Once, I had to go in person to the registrar's office and pick up an officially sealed transcript & hand deliver to the receiving school.... otherwise I would have missed the deadline, despite making my request well in advance of their stated time line. It's also a really good idea to get on the good side of the admission office secretary. I used to take her donuts. ;)

Best of luck in grad school.


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