Waiting for Phlebotomy Internship


I finished a phlebotomy course in early March. Now im waiting on the 3 week internship. I guess its going to take up to 2 months for placement! How annoying.. Ive only done 3 live sticks and the class was only 8 weeks long. I feel like im going to jump into the internship really out of the loop even more so.

Anyone else have the same situation??


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In phlebotomy there is only so much you can learn in the classroom. You will learn the most in your internship. There is a big difference between drawing blood in healthy people and sick people. I was a phlebotomist and lab tech for years before nursing. Just be confident, don't show your nervous and you will do fine. Good Luck!!


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I live in Florida and have a certificate of completion in Phlebotomy a month ago. I also passed the CPT national exam. Nobody wants to hire new graduates without experience. Where can I go to apply for an internship? Thanks a bunch!!!



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Thats my problem now.. I finished the internship and yeah.. i apply everyday to places in my area and no one wants someone with NO experience. Espically right now in the economy.. Some Hospitals are on hiring freezes. So It stinks.. but what can ya do.

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