Waiting on license still....


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Good Morning!

I am going on 8 weeks now, waiting for my RN by endorsement for my Oregon License. Does anyone out there know how long its taking at this time (during COVID) to get a license?? I've emailed a few times and only gotten one response which was very rude.


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I’m afraid I don’t have any experience or idea of the speed of the OSBN during these times.

Have you checked online the status of your application? There’s a list of things that the state is either processing or still needs. I.e background check, transcripts, etc. Before COVID, my friend’s application was taking what seemed like forever (where mine took maybe two weeks). She called the state, because the website said they still needed transcripts or whatnot, but she had already sent that in. Turns out they had received all her documents, but somehow didn’t mark that they had received them in the system.


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I’m currently applying for an RN by endorsement in Oregon. How long did it end up taking for you?

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Can anyone share how long it took to get your endorsement?

My application wizard has only one checklist item left "awaiting final review," which hasn't changed in 4 weeks since I passed my NCLEX.