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I have decided to go back to college to finish my Nursing degree after a few years out of college. The RN program at the University I am enrolled in is 2 years with a short summer course that will begin this July. I was in the program in 2005 but decided to go another route and dropped out. The other route fell through when the economy got bed, so here I am back where I left off. I have taken care of all the re-entry applications etc, but the University can't tell me at this time if I am in or not. A CNA program begins around the same time, so I thought I could always take that course and then fast-track into a RN if possible. I don't know whether to sit and wait on the University or go ahead and be getting some other things lined up in case I'm not chosen for re-entry. Seems like they could let interested students know something before the class begins...... Staying positive about all of it though because I know its what I'm supposed to do. Anyone with advice would be appriciated.. Thank


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Honestly-- I would go ahead and apply for the other program, just to have something to fall back on. But I always like to have a plan B! And if you get accepted into the RN one, then you can decline your spot in the other one and it will go to someone else.

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You should always plan for contingencies.

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You should always plan for contingencies.

AGREED! It's always better to have Plan A/Plan B/Plan C lined up. This takes a good bit of the stress off you should "Plan A" not work out like you'd hoped.

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