Wait or start looking?


I graduate next week. I was promised a job where I work right now with hours that would work perfectly with my hubby's night shift job and the kids. Today I was told that my hours will flexed and will likely be night shift a lot of the time (this is not what I was promised). Our department is in the middle of getting a new supervisor so this could change my hours again, but may not. There is no possible way to make night shift work when my hubby works night shift full time, our kids are too little to stay home alone, and we have no local family that can help us out.

My schedule will be posted in about a week or so and then I'll know exactly what my hours will be until the end of Feb. I've been looking at other jobs in the area and there are a couple that could potentially work for us. Right now I'm in the ER and the other jobs I'm looking at are clinic, nursing home or possibly ICU. I love my ER job and don't know if I'd love a clinic, nursing home or ICU job. I don't know if I should apply to other jobs now or wait and see what the schedule looks like? If I wait, I may miss out on applying for some of the jobs that have deadlines. Also I don't know if I should apply for jobs in the same healthcare system I currently work for, knowing that my boss may find out that I did. What would you do?

Has 33 years experience.

I think you should apply for the other positions within or outside of your healthcare organization. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change positions. If your boss asks you why you can tell her the hours may not work for you. There is nothing guaranteed unless you have it on paper with a signature. Also, bargaining gives you more power. You have control over your career, not other people. Your family obligations must come first. It is difficult to raise a family with nursing and the hours we have to work. There are some day care centers who have night hours, but that would not necessarily be good for your kids. ICU is close to ER experience, a clinic would have the best hours, but less intense and less action. Seek out the other positions and get the low down on them and then you have more information to make a better decision for yourself and your family!! Good Luck!!