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I just got a notice that wages are frozen for the next year at the Abbe Center. I heard earlier this year that both St. Lukes and Mercy had nursing hiring freezes for a while. Anybody else being hit by the recession in Iowa?


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I know that GRMC was on a hiring freeze but now have a few open positions for new grads. U of I is laying off people but I was told that the recruiter was going to hire a few new grads when her budget gets approved for the next fiscal year, so who knows what's going on.


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Mercy in Dubuque has not had a freeze. There are positions available now for new grads.


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i just read RN magazine's annual salery survey. The national average for psychiatric nurses is $37.50. I make less than $20 with 16 years of nursing experience. I am tired of griping about it. I am going to move.

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