Volunteering at Multiple Hospitals



I am looking to volunteer. My main motivation for volunteering is personal reasons, though I know it will help me in the future to have some rapport at established hospitals. I am unemployed and a full time pre-nursing student. If it helps, my goal is to work in oncology and/or hematology(possibly peds).

There are quite a few different hospitals that I would like to volunteer at on a weekly basis(Childrens, Mercy, Deaconess, Shriners, Christ). I really do not just want to commit to one. I am thinking about 2 or 3. Most of them only require like 2 hours a week, so I could easily do this. I want to get involved in the healthcare industry, but not commit to a job right now since I like being able to devote most of my time to my studies. It's not like getting a job is easy anyway(where I live)....

What I am concerned about is, would volunteering at 2 different hospitals look bad? Would it be like volunteering at a competing organization? I've never been an "official" volunteer, only done it every now and then.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I haven't submitted my official forms yet as I am still deciding between many different hospitals and organizations. Or if anyone can offer suggestions of places for me to volunteer that would be great also. I live in the Cincinnati, OH area.