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Volunteering at my local hospital.

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by gymnut gymnut (Member)

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I already posted this in the PA nursing program discussion thread but thought I would post it here as well.

I have decided to look into volunteer opportunities at my local hospital (St Lukes in Bethlehem PA) and found that they have a lot of openings for a variety of things. One that caught my eye was Nurse Aide and this is the description of it:

Assists staff in all aspects of non clinical patient care. This may include bed making, restocking supplies, providing water, and socialization activities with patients.

I thought since it was somewhat like a CNA role (only lessened by a 1000%) that it would be a nice compliment to my CNA course and maybe I could learn some tricks of the trade. Another huge plus would be that I could scope out the environment and see if it's a good place to work or not without having to go through the actual hiring process. Plus I'm hoping (a big FAT hope) that if they feel I'm a great volunteer that they'll hire me on once I graduate.

Has anyone else volunteered while going for their CNA? Did you find it beneficial? How are volunteers usually treated by other staff?

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Penny82 works as a CNA.

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I volunteer at my local hospital doing pretty much the same job you posted. It's been beneficial. The experience is a huge plus and you can and should put it on your resume. It looks good if you want to continue on to nursing school. Most of all, it makes you feel good. The staff have always been very nice to me. They appreciate the help.

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