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Hi everyone

well been to open day, And I am leaning towards child branch of nursing but they have said it would be a good idea to get some experience before i definately make my mind up and have said volunteering with sick children in hospitals and hospices. Any suggestions where to get this.

I live in Harlow in Essex but work in london so london is so easy for me to get to from work and also from home so any ideas would be appreciated. I really need to get some experience as they have said it helps you to see how you deal with sick children before nursing them.

And all this before Dec 16 oh time is so precious.

kind regards


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I wish I could help, but I haven't got a clue... You often need police checks before voluntering to work with children, which you would be lucky to get through before december.

My university allows students to change branches at the end of the CFP, providing they show interst and commitment to their chosen branch, Does your prospective uni not offer this?


P.S as my experince to get into Nursing, I used to work for mencap, I worked in a learning disability day centre, I pulled some shifts in nursing homes, I voluntered at the local hospital and helped out at a riding for the disabled centre...

I am sure there were others as well, But to be honest that was enough to keep me busy;)


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Hi Balco

I am in the same situation as you, I need some experience with sick children too, I have volunteered with children in normal situations at clubs. Have you had any luck in finding work?

L:et me know if you have the time thanks :p


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ah well i found a great charity in north london callld kith and kids and have done volunteering with them. they run acvtivity clubs for children with disabilities and learning disabilities this i have found this very fun.

And i have now also started the nursing course at middlesex university and really enjkoying it.. :p :p :) :) :chuckle


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Hi Balco!

I looked on the Kith and Kids website and it all looks really good.

What kind of Volunteering did you get involved in?

How old were you when you went on it?

What did you gain from it?

Reply if you have the time!



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