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Volunteer Work. Is it okay to say....

DesertRain specializes in CNA, RN Student.

On an interview for a volunteer position, is it okay to say.....

that you would like to potentially work at a certain place later on as an RN when you are done school? Is this a positive thing from the interviewers perspective or one that reveals an ulterior motive? I have my eye on a couple hospitals that I honestly do want to work for as a CNA later and ultimately as a nurse when I graduate, and I do want to volunteer right now but I wasn't sure what to say them in regards to that.

I don't think its an ulterior motive. Volunteering is a good way to get a taste of a place that you want to work at in the future. Good luck!

I don't think saying that is a bad thing, they will know that you are interested and that maybe you will be a bigger help to them later on.

brighella specializes in Hospice, Palliative Care, Public Health.

when i did volunteer work as a prerequisite for NS, the director of Nursing was excited that was why I was volunteering. Announced to the whole orientation group that "we love volunteers who are going to school because they come back as student nurses, and then they come back as graduate nurses". Its a good way to get known in a hospital setting without having graduated yet.

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