Volunteering Overseas!

  1. Hello to my fellow nurses!

    I am at the point in my career and my life where I feel that volunteering overseas is the right thing to do. I want to start out with a short term placement (1-2 weeks). Does anybody have any advise on legitimate organizations or, equally important, untrustworthy groups?
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  3. by   AdobeRN
    Maybe check with local churches in your area. I happened to stumble across an opportunity thru a friend, they were in need of RN's to attend a trip this summer - an organization and a local church in my area travels to a couple of places during the year to provide medical care for 1-2 weeks in clinics they have help set up. This summer I will be going to Zambia for 10 days with a couple physicians, NP's, dentists and optometrists to provide medical care.
  4. by   HarryEvans
    Hello there! That would be great! Volunteering abroad is a way of gaining and learning new things from distinct culture. I have not participated in any volunteering overseas program yet, but I am thinking to participate in the program soon as my friend has shared with me really great experience after returning from mission humanitaire program from Africa. She told me that she has joined ONG Shammesh for participating in volunteering program. I think you may also find organization online who will help you to go on a volunteering program overseas.
  5. by   nightbrightener
    In my experience most hospitals will have groups of people who volunteer, ask around, we have some who go to Haiti every 4-5 months. They will have the infrastructure set up already. Churches/Religious Organizations are a great idea if you are comfortable in a faith based environment. The internet has a plethora of options for volunteer/vacations with each one having a different emphasis in terms of work vs fun, and many have multiple reviews to check out. Personally the only issue I have run into is liability insurance that covers you overseas, depending where you go and with who might be an issue. If you are in say the Niger and helping starving children I doubt they care, but say Costa Rica, might be a different issue. The biggest thing I have found is that some are bare bones, you are there to help, period. And there is nothing wrong with that. Others are more morning clinics and afternoons at the beach type of trips so just figure out which you want and start searching. good luck, it is an awesome thing to do.
  6. by   rebelplatypus
    I have a good amount of international aid experience. Here's some orgs to look into.

    Heart to Heart International
    Partners in Health
    MSF (if you speak french)
    International Medical Corps.