Mass Casualty Supplies

  1. Can anyone suggest referance material for masscall suppy inventories?
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  3. by   Calfax
    The Gall's catalog is a good first stop......but a MCI inventory depends really on what kind of facility you work in and how many ppl you have.

    FEMA has all kinds of info on that stuff.

    See also your local fire and rescue. They're the experts on this area.

    Lastly, all the equipment in the world is no damn good if no one knows how or when or where to use it. So a good disaster mgmt plan backed up with training is probably the most single important thing to have.

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   Calfax
    at the bottom of another post I found this info.....posted by "Sharon" the link isn't good anymore but the publications are.


    The National Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder has information available on line at:

    When I did a search on hospital planning there were many hits. Here are two:

    Hospitals and Community Emergency Response: What You Need to Know. Publication #PB98-130321INF. 1997. 32 pp. $12.00, microfiche; $25.50, paper. Copies can be obtained from the National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161; (800) 553-6847 or (703) 605-6000; fax: (703) 321-8547; e-mail:; WWW:
    Hospitals must be prepared to protect health care workers who respond to emergencies involving hazardous substances. Of special concern are situations where contaminated patients arrive for triage or treatment following a major disaster. In many localities, hospitals have not been firmly integrated into the community disaster response system and may not be prepared to safely treat multiple casualties that include victims who may be exposed to toxic substances. This document discusses emergency response planning principles that hospitals can adopt to help reduce the risk to health care workers.

    Emergency Preparedness in Health Care Organizations. Linda Young Landesman, Editor. 1996. 194 pp. $35.00, plus $7.95 postage and handling. Available from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, P.O. Box 75751, Chicago, IL 60675-5751; (630) 792-5800; fax: (800) 676-3299. This book is designed to help hospitals and other health care organizations get ready to face major disasters and emergencies. It covers how to: develop a proactive emergency management plan; gain a clear understanding of key disaster planning issues, including command center operation, communications, community interaction, and emergency department operation; make critical decisions regarding implementation of the disaster plan; train staff; and comply with accreditation standards. Almost half of the book recounts various actual hospital emergency response situations.

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  5. by   IR5676
    Quote from Coldfoot
    Can anyone suggest referance material for masscall suppy inventories?
    You can request from your local Guard or Reserve unit any info you might request
  6. by   IR5676
    Quote from IR5676
    You can request from your local Guard or Reserve unit any info you might request
    A suggestion would be to familiarize yourself with the digest of infectious diseases