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I'm a charge nurse on a 36 room resp floor. I need ideas on how to keep track of passing out equipment; vocera, pagers, stat veiws to on-coming nurse with not much delay. How does your floor handle handing off and keeping track of which nurse has which equipment? any ideas would be appreciated.

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When I first come on I look at our tracker to see who is there. If I don't see their name, I hunt them down with equipment in hand.

Same with vocera. I will see if they have one on and if they are logged in. I hate it when people don't wear them. It makes my job difficult when I have to walk the halls looking for them.

We don't have a log sheet. People grab a vocera when they are by the time clock which is in the breakroom.

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Do you have a unit secretary?

Our CN has a sign out sheet and a basket with voceras, tele pagers near the daily assignment sheet. The tele pagers are assigned by number and faxed to the monitor techs and the # of the pager is written on the assignment sheet. We have a rotating carousel that each RN has a slot where our tele strips/communication/lab slips are placed throughout the shift and the CN will put our assigned tele pager/ vocera (already logged in also) there to pick up when we come up to the desk to get our pt assignment. You could do voceras the same way? Our vocera/tele pagers/battery charger are all kept at the front desk near the CN area so all is kept within view.

It's been this way forever on my unit and I never really thougt about it until I've gone to other units/facilities and seen what a cluster*uck the morning can become when there isn't any order or oorganization and you can't find a nurse because they 'conveniently' forget to log in or even grab a vocera.

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