Vocational Pre-req Credits?


Hey, there! I'm an LPN wanting to apply for LPN-ADN school. I've read through the school's requirements, and I need to have bio 1&2, pysch 1&2, and eng 1&2 completed before applying. I just wanted to see if anyone was able to get any pre-requisite credits from their LPN school? I went to a vocational LPN school (no pre-reqs required.) We obviously did cover bio, and psych, but were any of you able to receive credit for pre-reqs to enter their LPN to RN program? I was hoping maybe I could get credit for the 1st bio and psych. Probably wishful thinking, but I thought I'd ask! I know i'll receive credit for the 1st year of nursing, just curious about the pre-reqs. Thanks for any info!


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The RN program is looking for prerequisite courses taken at a community college or public/private university. Vocational school courses don't transfer, unless to another vocational school in the same chain. An example might be American Career College in CA: RN program giving credit for ACC courses taken in their LVN program.

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I'm in the same boat. I've had to complete those classes myself. The rationale that I was given is that vocational credits cannot be counted toward a degree. Therefore you'll have to complete those courses to meet the requirements to obtain a degree. Hope this helps, although I'm sure it's not what you'd like to hear.