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Hi All, I am finishing up the Milazzo home study course and I feel that I need to do an apprenticeship of some sort.

My questions? How do the 2-day apprenticeship, the home apprenticeship on DVD and the 5-day private in-home course compare?

Also, do you come away with a sample report to show to attorneys? This lack of tangible evidence of a work product when interviewing with lawyers is what concerns me most.

Thanks for your help.

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Good morning!!

I cannot give you any information on the Home Apprenticeship DVD for I've not reviewed that.

The 2-day is a good start. But, you will be sharing the experience with many more. It offers excellent information for marketing, but no one-on-one mentoring.

IMO, the 5-day in home apprenticeship is the best. There are only 6 participants. A full week with a seasoned mentor. Excellent information on just about all aspects of setting up an LNC business. Actually attending a real court case. Contacting attorneys and setting up interviews once you return home. Yes, you come away with a sample report plus you receive one-on-one assistance.

If I were to advise someone on the 2-day or 5-day, my advice would be the latter........hands down.

Good luck with your decision and good luck with the examination!!!!

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