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ive been reviewing now to take the board exam for nurses. The problem is im working at daytime from mondays thru saturdays as a waitress at a chinese restaurant and ive hardly got anytime to review at night. Im always tired (of course, because of work). I could only review at sundays. But still i think i should be dedicating more time in reviewing and a day a week isnt enough. Im taking vitamins of course but can you tell me a more effective one to let me more active all day long at work and at home after work.:)


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If you are graduated. Stop reviewing. Go take the exam. You will not learn it now if you did not learn it all the time you spent in school. Your school prepared you for the exam. Your teachers did not spend the time teaching you just so you would fail.

You will only make yourself crazy if you try to make up for what you did not get when you were in school.

Take the exam you will pass.

If you are still in school then I would suggest cutting back on the hours you spend at work. You have to set some priorities here. What is most important.

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If you just finished nursing school, I'd recommend that you sign up for the exam right away.

Do prepare as best you can for the test. (Many take review courses.)

For energy, you may wanna try reducing your simple carbs -- sugar, white flour products, potatoes, breakfast cereals (unless whole grain -- but still limit them), and high glycemic fruits. All the above make me sleepy within the hour.

Good luck!

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