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Vital signs

Florian Florian (New) New

How you describe the characteristics of pulse and respiration of the child under 1 year?

I am not a ped nurse but would suggest you post this in the ped section of allnurses.

It may draw upon some very experienced nurses.

good luck



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Let's see...... ##, irregular or regular, tachy, brady, AP heart ate and sounds,nasal flaring, breath sounds, skin color plays an important role...as most peds rarely have a cardiac condition. Usually the problem is respiratory related, or hypovolemic realted, unless they are really young and there is a possibility of a fossa ovalis.



Specializes in ER, PACU, OR.

P.S. - Put up a post that says, "ATTENTION: NURS4KIDS" she is really helpfull, and will probably have more insight on this subject then I.

Rick :)

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