Vital Signs Return Demonstration!! Help!


Hi there,

I'm a first year BScN student, and in a week's time we are expected to show (to the professor) our skills and abilities to assess vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations, BP and pulse oximetry). I am the type of person who tends to get very nervous and sometimes I blank out and forget everything before a big evaluation... especially if it is done in public, or under supervision. I am reviewing all my notes, but not one-hundred percent confident in my abilities, and not sure if I will forget to do something and get penalized for it.

Would anyone have any suggestions regarding assessing vital sign? Or any tricks to remembering the process for each?

Any advice is truly appreciated!!!! :)

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They are going to ask for demonstrations of all kinds of skills. We did that too, when I was in school. Practice the techniques with a partner until you feel confident enough to do it. Rehearse what you're going to say. We had to pretend our partner was our patient.

Don't worry about it too'll be fine.


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Try practicing on family members or other people at home. And possibly, write down their signs, while you are doing it. Might help you remember the process, and feel a little more like assessing a "real" patient.

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I practiced on friends and family! pretty much every one who walked through my door. I also spoke aloud as if my instructor was in the room and timed myself aswell....good luck!


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Say things out loud or talk to yourself in the mirror. Start with the least evasive procedure, etc.