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I am a senior nursing student in California, and I am interested in pediatric cardiology. I will be doing my senior preceptorship in

the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), and I am currently doing research regarding the visitation policies in the PICU. My interest

in this topic stems from the underlying theoretical framework of stress theory as it relates to parents of children in the PICU.

One of the requirements for this semester, is to create or join a forum involving a topic of particular interest to me. I would really

like to start a discussion group regarding different perspectives toward visitation policies in the PICU. This topic contains much controversy, and brings up several ethical issues. I believe that open visitation policies in the PICU are beneficial not only to the well-being of the patient, but serve to reduce the "stress" that parents and family members experience during this time of crisis.

There are many arguements for and against open visitation policies. I would like to discuss them all, and examine how these

different perspectives ultimately affect the overall experience of the child and the parents.

Please respond with any and all reactions, opinions, questions,new ideas, and related topics. I will look forward to "talking" to

anyone who is interested in this particular issue of Pediatric Nursing.


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I went through a time in the PICU with my second daughter. The hospital that she was in was pretty lenient during the day, but would only let one parent stay at night. (She was just a few weeks old at the time.) They had no problem with the other parent sleeping on the couch in the waiting room across the hall.


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You might want to bring your question up in the PICU forum. Since many of us students have not yet had experience in PICU.

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