What is the best way to prioritize your day(new nurse feeling out of control)

  1. Hi everyone. I am a new nurse about 2 weeks into my orientation. I am up to 2 pts a day on a 12 hr shift. I work on a stepdown unit. I am feeling sometimes out of control because there are just too much to do in such a short time. Before I complete one task something else comes up and the cycle just seems to continue. I am feeling overwhelmed a bit and I have to take some deep breaths and focus somedays. I really would appreciate some advice on how to stay in control and priotize my day more effectively with all that is going on around me.
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  3. by   jadegypsy
    The answer here is easy, as you gain more experience you will develop your own rhythm. Remember, take good notes at report, use some sort of cheat sheet with times and sceduled tasks. When you get pulled away or side tracked, its a lot easier to get back on track with the list. Tic them off as you do em, keep the list to times as well as tasks, and double check your list every time you come back to it. I used to make notes for charting, phone calls etc. on mine as well as different colored ink for diff. priorities. As you can see, the list can become a major task, remember KISS- keep it simple, stupid. That's one I had to really work at. LOL And don't forget that ALL of us at one time were newbies and overwhelmed. Shoot, I've been doing this for almost 30 years and I still have days when I feel like I am slogging through a swamp. And remember, MOST old timers will be willing to lend a hand if its too much some times. Good luck and welcome to the club!!!!!
  4. by   RN 4 U
    Thank you for your input, very helpful info. I will take into consideration. I like the cheat sheet idea, and diff color ink. I will try to start using that system and i hope it will help, i keep telling myself things will get better and in 3 mo. after orientation has ended i will have my routine down and be better able to cope with the volumes of tasks that i have to accomplish in what seems such a short time. I was out of control one day that i wasn't sure i was going to make it, but i am hopeful that it will get better before it gets worse. Thank alot!:spin: