UVA RN New Graduate Nurse Residency Program 2013

  1. Has anyone applied for the UVA RN New Graduate Nurse Residency Program?

    Also, I applied back in December for it. Originally the application was due at the end of January, but now the website states that they extended the deadline to March 1st. Anyone who has applied in past years or this year know when we might be contacted?
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  3. by   gunrock
    I started two years ago as a new grad. A few of my classmates / co-workers actually never got contacted by HR, but ended up driving to UVA and dropped their resumes off in person, one person got two interviews on the spot and was offered two positions that day. Not sure if this is still the case, but dropping off your resume in person got them interviews.

    UVA is also in a tight budget crunch right now, so I wouldn't be surprised if they kept pushing things back. Which unit are you applying to?
  4. by   LauraJeanB
    I'm just applying to their new graduate nurse residency program; it doesn't have a specific unit attached to it. However, they did ask for an essay specifying the area that you're interested in--I'm interested in working on a med/surg floor.
  5. by   gunrock
    Just a piece of advice...make sure you shadow and get honest feedback from nurses about their experience on the floor you're applying to.
  6. by   jessie25
    Hi all,
    to those who applied, did you graduate already? I called and they gave me the job numbers I can apply for but when I checked the job description it says "currently registered in the state of Virginia" The start dates are however July, august etc. I didn't ask HR about having a license or not because I figured the position would be for May grads. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. by   gunrock
    I would go ahead and apply. I graduated at the end of the summer and had a position secured by April. The VA license part is probably just a mistype / generic HR job posting.
  8. by   jessie25
    Thank you...I applied hopefully I get something...I am so nervous about the job market. My grades and experience are okay but still...I've known people who went to great schools had externships and still could not find a job!!! I am happy to be done but anxious about the job hunting process...@gunrock, did you apply to lots of places, out of state etc...
  9. by   hk1023
    I applied in December too, I think, seeing that the website said the application was due in January, and found out later they had extended the deadline to March 1st! I still haven't heard back from them. Have you?
  10. by   gunrock
    I was pretty lucky. I sent out a few random applications early on and when I started to really look and apply I was offered a position at both places I interviewed. One offer was in state (MD) and the other at UVA.

    The rumor is that we are under a hiring freeze and managers are being put in a position where they won't be able to replace nurses who leave. Sorry for the bad news. They are also really looking for BSN students since they are trying to get Magnet back.

    I will say that I know multiple people that have had luck going to HR and dropping their resumes off in person.
  11. by   VANurse2010
    You have to have your license before you start orientation there.
  12. by   hk1023
    Are you a nurse at UVA right now?
  13. by   hk1023
    Thanks for the info. I've been emailing and calling HR as I go to school in Michigan and am unable to go there in person. I will be a BSN graduate as of this May. I found out yesterday through HR that their open house/interview has been scheduled on April 13th That information is still not on their website and I have not received any mail/phone contact regarding my status. I would think that if the open house is next Saturday, that they would have contacted the final candidates for the interview by now.
  14. by   VANurse2010
    I don't work at UVA, but I know many people who do. They post Clinician 1 positions throughout the year and have varying orientation start times (June, July, September, even one in October) if I recall correctly. You do need to have passed NCLEX before you can begin orientation. They don't do "graduate nurses." They hire ADNs. Maybe they're reducing the hires, maybe they're not, but every nurse I personally know who works there is an ADN and was hired when UVA still had magnet. Charlottesville is not a bad place, but it's not exactly a great place for young(ish) people - so they are not, and can't be, nearly as picky about educational credentials as hospitals in large metros.