Thomas Nelson's RN Program Jan 2013-who's applying?

  1. Hello all! My name is Stephanie and I have FINALLY completed my prereqs for RN school!!It's been a hard road taking classes throughout summers and regular fall and spring semester. I started back in Jan 2011 taking 2 classes then summer 2011 bumped it up to 3. I'm glad I did because it helped me get all required courses to apply to a RN. I originially chose Riverside however, they told me that my AP II class I had to have my final grade on transcript prior to applying so I opted to go else where. I looked into TNCC's program and thought, heck I will just try there. I live in Norfolk so it would be a drive but I don't care. My goal is to get this RN!! Application process starts tomorrow and as soon as I get off work I'm headed down to put my application in. Not going in with a high GPA like I wanted (3.242) got C in Bio 101 missed the B by 2 points I passed all other classes with either a A or B. That's the only C I've gotten since attending school. I have most pre-nursing classes complete except pub speaking, micro and ethics (I'm taking now fall semester) Hopefully this does not hurt my application. Anyway they have some things about the process that have changed. Now you have to have a reference from a biology or Heath professor and that's mandatory. Also starting Jan 2013 all LPN must take the Teas for classes starting after 2013. Just a few minor changes from what I can see. I'm very excited and nervous all at the same time. I wish all who apply the best of luck and I hope to see you come Jan 2013!!!

    Stephanie E, LPN
    RN to be
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  3. by   carrie043082
    Hi! I applied to TNCC's Jan 2013 program and just received my letter of acceptance! Very exciting!!
  4. by   Graduate2010
    Hi Carrie! OMG----I'm still waiting for a response letter. I'm so nervous. Congratulations! I hope we will see each other this upcoming spring!

    Keep your fingers cross for me! Today's my birthday and I hope I get good news!

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