Temp RN license in VA

  1. We're moving from CA to VA soon, I tried to apply for licensure by endorsement, but it won't let me do it, since my nursing school was in a foreign country. The Board told me to go through CGFNS and have everything evaluated. The CA BON didn't require this step and I asked if CGFNS would accept all the evaluated paperwork from CA, but they don't.
    Anyways, it can take a couple weeks (months???) until CGFNS evaluates everything, then I can apply for licensure by endorsement at the VA board.
    Does anyone know if VA has temporary licenses? I passed the NCLEX and I'm eligible to work in CA.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Each state has its own requirements for licensure, and the fact that one state issued you a nursing license doesn't mean that the other 49 will automatically endorse you in. All you can do is wait for the CGFNS to evaluate your application.

    It's ironic that you're posting about VA giving you a hard time...usually most posters complain about CA being difficult regarding endorsement.

    I don't remember if VA issues temp licenses.
  4. by   DocsWifey
    I'm not complaining, sorry if it sounded like that. I was just merely wondering if there is any way I can work until I get my VA license issued.
    CA was a pretty easy state (at least for me) to get my license, since they do all the evaluation themselves and no third party (like CGFNS) is involved. Also, no English test is required for those who where educated in a foreign country.
    I think I'll email the BON in VA and ask about a temp license. :-)
  5. by   ArtieRN
    When I applied for my VA license, they automatically sent me a letter authorizing me to practice for 30 days in the state while everything was being processed. The hospital that hired me accepted that since I was hired and started so quickly. You can request for an extension of this if your license hasn't been finalized by the end of the 30 days if you can prove that you had already sent your verification request to the state you originally got your license in. I actually have to do this really soon myself. Hope that answers your question.
  6. by   DocsWifey
    Thank you ArtieRN! Yes that answers the question I had!