1. is it harder to get into sentara or tidewater nursing program?
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  3. by   My3GuysinVA
    From what I understand, TCC is MUCH harder to get into than Sentara. Sentara offers a more familial atmosphere while TCC is boot camp for nursing. The instructors are rumored to be nefarious. BUT, I have also heard that the TCC Nursing School Grads and are unparalleled in their if you can cut it, try TCC. I am finishing my prereqs right now and will hear back from the dept. about my application any day now.
  4. by   matsgrl
    TCC is harder to get in to.
  5. by   Princess74
    Both can be hard to get into. I know lots of people at TCC and they have all told me that the program is horrible. I attended TCC for my prereq's and it was fine for them, I didn't apply for their nursing program because of all the bad things that I heard (and saw). Sentaras program offers more clinical experience and even though I do attend there and am partial I can honestly say that I have never heard anyone complain about it. Its a great program! ODU also has a good program from what I hear. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.
    I know new grad RNs from TCC who have never even drawn blood, started an IV, or done a foley. I'm not saying that those who go to TCC are bad nurses, they are great too, they just don't get the experience that we get and I think its harder for them to transition from student nurse to nurse. At Sentara we do it all, a lot! I don't even finish until December and I already have a job waiting for me at Sentara Virginia Beach General. Sentara facilities like Sentara students and since Sentara owns almost Everything in the area..well you do the math.
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  6. by   al7139
    In defense of TCC, I just graduated, and while I have issues with some of the second year instructors, it was a good experience overall. Sentara is as good as TCC in different ways. The Sentara students do get more clinical experience, and have more required prerequisites to complete. There are pros and cons to both programs. I opted to go with TCC so I could receive an Associates Degree instead of a diploma. I did feel that while I may not have gotten as many days in clinicals as Sentara students, our instructors made an effort to prepare us in ALL aspects of nursing care, including skills, teaching, care plans, etc. I cannot speak for the Sentara program, since I did not attend the school, but I would say that although the curriculum may be different, it all equals out in the end. I feel prepared to go into the workplace and be a competent new graduate nurse. Anywhere you decide to go, remember that you are in a profession where you will always be learning. Your education does not stop when you graduate.

  7. by   anonymurse
    According to word of mouth, Paul D Camp CC in Smithfield/Franklin/Suffolk continues to have no waiting list for their RN program. Program is rather new at only 2 or 3 y/o, have not yet met any graduates to get in-depth feedback from.