SW VA- Average RN PAY?? (Abingdon/Bristol area)

  1. I will most likely be relocating to SWVA, Abingdon/Bristol area within the year and cannot seem to get an idea on the average RN (no BSN) pay. I have looked on multiple salary websites, all of which vary greatly- I have seen $40,000 to $90, 000 for ADN jobs for this area. I have talked with an RN recruiter @ MSHA, and she was very nice, but could not even give me a ballpark of anything other than a staff nurse.

    I have 5 yrs as RN, with broad range of clinical background, including IV Therapy and Home Health as a Manager. I have been told that I would need to apply for a job before I could get a "quoted ballpark" pay @ MSHA, but was informed a 5yr RN could expect about $19.50/hr as a staff nurse....that's sad. I know the cost of living is much less there than the beach (NC beach), but certainly it can't be that low.

    I am interested in mgmt positions both in the hospital and in Home Health setting and just need a ballpark on average pay for each. Sorry for the book, but I couldn't find many threads for this area and wanted to try to cover it all in one shot. Any advice on hospitals, agencies to go for or avoid would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    While I do not work in SWVa, I am frequently in the area recruiting graduate students. The cost of living in far Southwest and the Tricities is likely the lowest in Virginia and the salary quotes does not seem that out of the ballpark. I've spoken with many BSNs with 3-5 years of experience who are making under $20/hr.

    As an indication of cost of living, I've seen decent apartments in Abingdon go for under $500/month (that would go go for about $1000/month in Richmond or $1750/month in the DC suburbs.